What is a Ski Swap?

The annual Markham Ski and Snowboard Swap is an opportunity to buy or sell used equipment or surplus new equipment.  Sellers “register” their skis, snowboards and associated sporting goods with us from Thursday  November 18 5-9pm. Registration involves you filling out a form telling us who you are, describing your goods and telling us how much you want to sell them for. The equipment is tagged and put on display.  The swap is open to buyers  Friday 1-9pm,  Saturday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Buyers have the opportunity to check out the merchandise and ask questions from qualified sales personnel.  If your registered goods sell, you receive 80% if the price you chose to sell the item for. You are required to come back on Saturday between 5:00pm and 7:00pm, at this time if your item sold you will receive a cheque.  If your item did sell, we will attempt to contact you and etransfer you the money.  If your item did not sell, you will take it home, alternatively, you can leave them with us as a donation.   Everyone is welcome.  Parking and admission are free and there is no charge to register goods. We keep a 20% commission on all good sold with a minimum of $5 per item.

There is no charge to register an item for sale.

Registration Link

Items that are not accepted include but are not limited to:

Used Helmets

Skis that do not meet current standards

Used accessories – goggles, gloves, bags, etc

Ski or Snowboard bindings separately.

Any other item we do not feel fits into the ski or snowboard category.